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Survey of noise emission and risk information suppllied with a range of work machinery - RR962
Previous work has shown that the noise emission data provided by the manufacturers can be of variable quality and be based on standards that no longer exist. In some cases no noise emission data are provided at all. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) needs to be in a position to challenge or support the validity of noise emission data or other information provided by manufacturers, to offer robust advice to dutyholders on the management of noise exposure based on this information, and facilitate the promotion of low noise machinery on a general or machine specific basis. The aim of the project...
“Hearing Conservation Programs” are not an adequate substitute for engineering and administrative controls.
Noise induced hearing loss is still too prevalent in American workplaces as the attempts at “hearing conservation programs” have proven inadequate. The author explains that the American workers have been the subjects in what has been largely a failed experiment for 28 years. Hearing protection devices are neither an efficient nor a humane replacement for eliminating the noise hazard and should once again be allotted their proper place in the control hierarchy. Several studies have found widespread and serious gaps in compliance with requirements such as audiometric testing, training...
Improvements in education, technical support, and regulatory enforcement reduce barriers to implementation of engineered noise control
The most effective intervention—engineered noise controls (ENC) —is rarely implemented; a qualitative study was designed to investigate barriers to the implementation of ENC. Many factors emerged as possible barriers to the implementation of engineered noise control, including: poor knowledge of relevant regulations, noise reduction options and the health impacts of noise; weak technical skills and experience; low ranking of noise as a hazard by stakeholders; issues around job insecurity, weak language skills; lack of ‘quiet’ machine options and information from equipment...
Damper with optimised progressive damping characteristic is better at shock mitigation than suspended commercial seat as presently available
A single degree-of-freedom simulation model of a seat equipped with a non-linear fore-and-aft suspension system was developed. The performance of a typical fore-and-aft suspension system was analysed using typical vibration and shock acceleration signals measured in loaders while travelling on off-road terrain and while driving the bucket into a heap of soil. The simulations are of use to seat manufacturers in developing improved fore-and-aft seat suspension for wheel loaders. Source: Study of simultaneous shock and vibration control by a fore-and-aft suspension system of a driver’s seat...
Un système de climatisation qui déplace de gros volumes d’air, mais lentement, si bien qu’on n’entend rien.
M.Tateo Nakajima, associé de la firme d'acoustique Artec parle de la nouvelle salle de concert de l'Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. Les qualités acoustiques de la nouvelle salle résultent avant tout du respect d'une exigence primordiale chez Artec concernant les bruits extérieurs: l'isolation phonique. Jack Diamond, membre du cabinet d'architectes Diamond-Schmitt, a trouvé le moyen de l'obtenir en faisant reposer la salle sur des coussins acoustiques en caoutchouc formant une enveloppe distincte des fondations extérieures...
A variety of problem-solving noise and vibration tools are at the engineer’s disposal to improve the product development process for noise and vibration
This article captures the strategies involved in addressing a system-level sound and vibration concern late in the design cycle . A noise and vibration problem often shows itself very late in the design cycle or even after the product has been released. Noise and vibration issues can generally be separated into two categories: a problem caused by lack of compliance to a regulation or specification; or the product does not perform adequately in-situ , causing sound or vibration quality (SVQ) concerns. Measurements must be made on the product during the appropriate operating conditions, and focus...

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