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Hearing difficulty and tinnitus among U.S. workers and non-workers in 2007
Background: Hearing loss and tinnitus are two potentially debilitating physical conditions affecting many people in the United States. The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence of hearing difficulty, tinnitus, and their co-occurrence within U.S. populations. Methods: Data from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) were examined. Weighted prevalence and adjusted prevalence ratios for self-reported hearing difficulty, tinnitus, and their co-occurrence were estimated and compared by demographic, among workers with and without occupational noise exposure, and across industries...
Hearing, sound fatigue and annoyance highly affected employees at the preschools.
Hearing impairments and tinnitus are being reported in an increasing extent from employees in the preschool. The investigation included 101 employees at 17 preschools in Umeå County, Sweden. Individual noise recordings and stationary recordings in dining rooms and play halls were conducted at two departments per preschool. The effects of noise exposures were carried out through audiometric screenings and by use of questionnaires. The average individual noise exposure was close to 71 dB (A), with individual differences but small differences between the preschools. The noise levels in the dining...
Elevated prevalence values of tinnitus, sensitivity to noise and hearing impairment are found at discharge compared to before military service.
Data from the 2010 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) were analyzed. The prevalence of SHI among veterans was significantly greater than among nonveterans. Veterans were 30% more likely to have SHI than nonveterans after adjusting for age and current occupation. These findings suggest a need for increased emphasis on improving military hearing conservation programs (HCPs) and on hearing loss surveillance in military and veterans' health systems. Source: Severe Hearing Impairment Among Military Veterans --- United States 2010 , Matthew R. Groenewold, PhD, Sangwoo Tak, ScD, Elizabeth...
Concern as headsets to track cable faults deafen workers
130 both current and former BT employees suffered hearing damage working at British Telecom. They believe their hearing was damaged by 'green set' and 'yellow set' oscillators - devices which transmit a constant high pitched sound through a headset, allowing the user to listen for changes in tone to track cable faults. BT has already admitted that these oscillators have caused hearing loss and tinnitus to a large number of users and has withdrawn both oscillators from use. On July 22nd 2011, Industrial illness lawyers have called for communications companies to withdraw equipment...

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