Comparative analysis of exposure limit values of vibrating hand-held tools

In the European Union, one of every four workers claims to be exposed to vibration for up to 2 h of his/her working day. The use of vibrating hand-held tools is the most common cause of vibration-related injury in workers. Of all sectors of professional activity, the construction industry has the highest number of workers affected by vibration. European Directive 2002/44/EC on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding worker exposure to risks from physical agents (e.g. vibration) limits exposure to vibration.This study analysed the exposure level of construction workers to hand-arm vibration. For this research, vibration levels of the most common construction tools were compared, and the maximum time that each tool could be safely used was established. Finally, these limit values were compared to the tool vibration data provided by manufacturers. The results showed that for 42% of the tools studied, the daily exposure limit value was exceeded.

Source : López-Alonsoa, M., Pacheco-Torresa, R., Martínez-Aires,D. , Ordoñez-García, J. Comparative analysis of exposure limit values of vibrating hand-held tools. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics,

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