Patient and staff perceptions of hospital noise

A large scale survey of noise and acoustic conditions in a range of inpatient hospital wards has been undertaken in two major hospitals in the UK. The survey involved noise and acoustic surveys of occupied hospital wards, identification of noise sources and questionnaire surveys of nursing staff and patients. The surveys were carried out in a range of different ward types, including surgical and medical wards, and ward sizes. This paper will present the results of the questionnaire surveys relating to noise annoyance and disturbance among staff and patients. Factors which affect perceptions of noise will be examined including personal factors such as age, sex, and length of time working/staying in the hospital. The sources of noise which cause the most disturbance to staff and patients will also be discussed.

Source: Nicola J. Shiers, Bridget M. Shield, and Rosemary E. Glanville. Patient and staff perceptions of hospital noise. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Volume 132, Issue 3, pp. 2032-2032 (2012).

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