Use of vibratory tools increases more than five times the risk of developing CTS

A conservative definition of CTS employed to include nerve conduction abnormality with symptoms and/or signs showed that risk factors significantly associated with an increased risk of CTS among exposed workers were: vibration [odds ratio (OR) 5.40; 95% CI 3.14, 9.31], hand force (OR 4.23; 95% CI 1.53, 11.68) and repetition (OR 2.26; 95% CI 1.73, 2.94). Using National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety criteria for case definition, a significant positive association between CTS and hand force, repetition, use of vibratory tools and wrist posture was observed with approximate doubling of risk for all exposures. Thirty-seven studies from English-language literature met the inclusion criteria of this meta-analysis.

Source: Barcenilla, A. et al. Carpal tunnel syndrome and its relationship to occupation: a meta-analysis. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2012 Feb;51(2):250-61. Epub 2011 May 17.

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