Construction workers followed for 10 years had a substantial potential risk of NIHL

Estimates were developed including work duration, trade-mean (TM)-equivalent continuous exposure level (LEQ), task-based (TB) LEQ, a hybrid LEQcombining TB and subjective information, and an estimate of noise exposure ‘peakiness'. Hybrid and TB exposure estimates demonstrated much greater variability than TM estimates. Work duration and estimates of exposure peakiness showed poor agreement with average exposures, suggesting that these metrics evaluate different aspects of exposure and may have different predictive value for estimating NIHL. Construction workers in the cohort had subject-interval and study-average exposures which present a substantial potential risk of NIHL.


Source: Longitudinal Assessment of Noise Exposure in a Cohort of Construction Workers. Neitzel R.L., Stover, B. and Seixas, N.S.Annals of Occupational Hygiene (2011) First published online: August 8, 2011


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