NIOSH thinks of investigating further pain caused by tattoo gun vibration.

A full time tattoo artist posted a question on NIOSH Science Blog (#22): «i have been getting sever numbness and tingling in my finger it will last up to two to three days on times i am getting concerned about the effects the vibration of the tattoo machine may be causing».

Amy Mobley and Renguang Dong of NIOSH answered: «The tattoo gun seems similar to some dental tools and it may generate high frequency vibration. At higher frequencies, the vibration-induced problems are mainly in the hand and fingers, such as finger tingling, numbness, pain, and white finger. » They said that they are considering investigating further this topic to try to better understand any long-term effects and what tattooists can do to avoid these problems. Any useful additional information or recommendations will be posted.

Source: NIOSH Science Blog, Safety and Health for Tattooists and Piercers. Blog # 22, Posted 6/22/11, Renguang Dong, Ph.D, NIOSH Health Effects Laboratory Division.

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