A hybrid of task-based and subjective rating of noise estimates is more accurate than exposure estimates from individual assessment techniques.

Any exposure estimation technique has inherent strengths and limitations. In an effort to improve exposure estimates, this study developed and evaluated the performance of several hybrid exposure estimates created by combining information from individual assessment techniques.  Three single exposure assessment techniques [trade mean (TM), task-based (TB), and subjective rating (SR)] were used to estimate exposures for each subject. Hybrid techniques were then developed which incorporated the TM, SR, and TB noise exposure estimates via arithmetic mean combination, linear regression combination, and modification of TM and TB estimates using SR information. Exposure estimates from the single and hybrid techniques were compared to subjects' measured exposures to evaluate accuracy. Hybrid noise exposure estimates performed better than individual estimates, and in this study, combination of TB and SR estimates using linear regression performed best.

Source: Improving Exposure Estimates by Combining Exposure Information. Richard L. Neitzel, William E. Daniell,  Lianne Sheppard, Hugh W. Davies and Noah S. Seixas. Ann Occup Hyg (2011) 55 (5): 537-547. doi: 10.1093/annhyg/mer011 First published online: April 5, 2011 .


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