Drummers are being evaluated with signs of hand and arm vibration exposure.

The health effects of vibration exposure in drummers can result from extended periods of contact between a drummer and the vibrating surface they are exposed too. Drummers particularly are at risk since they can be exposed to vibration through multiple body parts such as the hands-stick-drum head, feet-pedals-base drum head and or hi hat or from the buttocks-seat-floor interfaces. Drummers can develop symptoms including back pain, diminished sensation and dexterity in the hands or feet, decreased grip strength, vascular injury resulting in finger blanching or “white fingers”, tendonitis or a variety of nerve entrapment neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Whole-body vibration levels can often be reduced by using vibration isolation or by utilizing suspension systems between the drummer and the vibrating source such as using a cushioned drum throne. Drumsticks have also evolved over the last few years with manufacturers experimenting with different stick shapes, materials as well as dipped or coating sticks for better grip. 

Source: Feeling the Vibe! Dr. Podesta; POSMI- Podesta Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute, March 17, 2011. 


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