A multi-component intervention to promote hearing protector use among construction workers

A baseline hearing loss prevention training and a follow-up ‘toolbox’ (TB) reinforcement trainings was reinforced by the use of a personal noise level indicator (NLI). Prior to intervention, HPDs were used an average of 34.5% of the time and increased significantly, up about 12.1% after intervention and 7.5% two months after interventions were completed. The increase in HPD use was greatest among the group receiving both TB and NLI interventions; up about 25% from baseline, and this group was about two times more likely to use HPDs than the BL (baseline) training only group.



Source : Noah S. Seixas*, Rick Neitzel*, Bert Stover*, Lianne Sheppard*, Bill Daniell*, Jane Edelson* & Hendrika Meischke. In a special supplement of the International Journal of Audiology, March 2011, Vol. 50, no. S1, Pages S46-S56 (doi:10.3109/14992027.2010.525754)




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