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Effets du bruit en milieu de travail durant la grossesse

Synthèse systématique avec méta-analyse et méta-régression
Synthétiser l'information scientifique disponible concernant les effets de l'exposition au bruit en milieu de travail durant la grossesse. Les effets sur la grossesse étudiés sont : l'avortement spontané (AS), la mortinaissance (MN), les anomalies congénitales (AC), l'accouchement avant terme (AAT), le faible poids à la naissance (FPN), l'insuffisance de poids pour l'âge gestationnel (IPAG), la pré-éclampsie (PE) et l'hypertension gestationnelle (HTG). L'effet du bruit en milieu de travail durant la grossesse sur l'audition de l'enfant y est aussi abordé.

Source : http://www.inspq.qc.ca/publications/notice.asp?E=p&NumPublication=1040

Noise Control in Underground Metal Mining

This document is for operators, safety personnel, and mechanics in the mining industry who are not specialists in noise control engineering or acoustics. Evaluations of successful and unsuccessful attempts at controlling noise on several large, underground metal mining machines are detailed to illustrate the basic principles of noise control. Once personnel understand the guidelines and principles of noise control, they will be able to

  • evaluate the extent of a noise problem;
  • determine the best approach to the problem; and
  • apply the most appropriate solution.

    Source : http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/mining/pubs/pdfs/2010-111.pdf

    National Hazard Exposure Worker Surveillance Noise Report

    This report focuses on the exposure of Australian workers to loud noise and the control measures that are provided in workplaces that eliminate, reduce or control worker exposure to loud noise. The aims of this report are threefold. The first is to describe patterns of exposure to loud noise in conjunction with patterns of noise exposure control provision with respect to industry, occupation and other relevant demographic and employment variables. The second is to make recommendations, where possible, for the development of OHS and workers' compensation policy. The final aim of this report is to provide researchers in this field with clear and constructive directions for future research.

    Source : http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/swa/AboutUs/Publications/NationalHazardExposureWorkerSurveillanceNoiseReport.htm

    Whole-body vibration in ports

    This information sheet outlines the risk of developing back pain from whole-body vibration (WBV) when using port machinery and explains what you can do to reduce exposure to it.

    Source : http://news.hse.gov.uk/2010/02/05/whole-body-vibration-in-ports/

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