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Vibration website - rebranded

New design, new features - advice and guidance on the risks associated with hand arm and whole body vibration.


NIOSH Develops New Software to Analyze and Reduce Noise Exposure

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has been performing research to analyze and reduce hazardous noise exposure in mines.


Real world use and performance of hearing protection

This report considers the effectiveness of hearing protectors in everyday work situations. The study reported here was undertaken in two parts. The first consisted of interviews with employers to discuss management of noise and hearing protector use, and on site observation of hearing protector use.

The second part was objective laboratory measurements of hearing protector insertion loss. The purpose of these measurements was to quantify the reduction in protection due to poor fitting or maintenance for a range of hearing protectors. Earmuffs were tested using the MIRE (microphone in real ear) method while earplug insertion loss was measured using a head and torso simulator with a simulated pinna and ear canal.


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